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Dr Amir Raza

PhD Biotechnology

Assistant Professor, HEC Approved Supervisor (Biological Sciences)

[email protected]


Dr. Amir Raza received his bachelor’s honors from PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi before earning his doctorate from National Institute for Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering (NIBGE/PIEAS), Pakistan. In 2011, Dr. Raza went to School of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona, USA, where he carried out research work regarding in vitro evaluation of the potential target genes for RNA interference studies under the supervision of Professor Dr. Judith K. Brown. Dr. Raza obtained his PhD under the mentorship of Professor Dr. Shahid Mansoor, SI (HEC’s National Distinguished Professor) and his project was focused on exploring the potential of RNA interference technology for the control of insect/pests of economically important crops. Previously, Dr. Raza has worked as a researcher at NIBGE and also completed a postdoc from Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman where he worked on molecular plant virology. He also served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany, GC Women University, Sialkot under HEC’s interim placement program.

His research interests encompass RNA interference and functional genomics, molecular virology and systems biology. Specifically, he is interested in computational and mathematical approaches for genomic/transcriptomic/biological data analysis.


  1. RNA Interference Based Approach to Down Regulate Osmoregulators of Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci): Potential Technology for the Control of Whitefly Amir Raza, Hassan Jamil Malik, Muhammad Shafiq, Imran Amin, Jodi A. Scheffler, Brian E. Scheffler, Shahid Mansoor (PLoS ONE 11 (4), e0153883; doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0153883)
  2. Knock Down of Whitefly Gut Gene Expression and Mortality by Orally Delivered gut Gene-Specific dsRNAs Meenal Vyas*, Amir Raza*, Muhammad Yousaf Ali, Muhammad Aleem Ashraf, Shahid Mansoor, Ahmad Ali Shahid, Judith K. Brown [* Equal contribution] (PLoS ONE 12 (1): e0168921. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0168921)
  3. RNAi-Mediated Mortality of the Whitefly through Transgenic Expression of Double-Stranded RNA Homologous to Acetylcholinesterase and Ecdysone Receptor in Tobacco Plants Hassan Jamil Malik, Amir Raza, Imran Amin, Jodi A. Scheffler, Brian E. Scheffler, Judith K. Brown & Shahid Mansoor (Scientific Reports 6, 38469, doi:10.1038/srep38469)
  4. Infection of Urtica incisa with Chili leaf curl virus and Tomato leaf curl betasatellite in Oman Muhammad Shafiq Shahid @*, Amir Raza @, Muhammad Shafiq, Abdullah M. Al-Sadi and Rob W. Briddon [ @ Equal contribution] Journal of Plant Pathology
  5. Identification of Chilli leaf curl virus associated with Tomato leaf curl betasatellite infecting Mentha in Oman M. S. Shahid †*, A. Raza † , A. M. Al-Sadi and R.W. Briddon [† Equal contribution] Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology
  6. Non-Coding RNAs in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Mahmood Rasool, Arif Malik, Sara Zahid, Muhammad Abdul Basit Ashraf, Mahmood Husain Qazi, Muhammad Asif, Ahmad Zaheer, Muhammad Arshad, Amir Raza, Mohammad Sarwar Jamal (Non-Coding RNA Research
  7. Molecular and biological characterization of Chilli leaf curl virus and associated Tomato leaf curl betasatellite infecting tobacco in Oman Muhammad Shafiq Shahid, Muhammad Shafiq, Amir Raza, Abdullah M. Al-Sadi and Rob W. Briddon [Virology Journal (BMC Part of Springer Nature) 1235-4]
  8. Frequent occurrence of Mungbean yellow mosaic India virus in tomato leaf curl disease affected tomato in Oman M. S. Shahid, M. Shafiq, M. Ilyas, A. Raza, M. N. Al-Sadrani, A. M. Al-Sadi & R. W. Briddon [Scientific Reports (Nature)]
  9. Evaluation of genotypic and hormone mediated callus induction and regeneration in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L) Mudassar Fareed Awan, Shahzad Iqbal, Saman Riaz, Rao Tariq, Zahida Qamar, Bushra Tabassum, Kanza Sadiq, Qurat ul ain Kokab, Sajed Ali, Sayyad Ali Raza Bukhari, Amir Raza, Shahid Murtaza, Qurban Ali, Idrees Ahmad Nasir, Tayyab Husnain [International Journal of Botany Studies ]
  10. Artificial micro RNA (amiRNA)-mediated resistance against whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) targeting three genes Muhammad Zubair, Muhammad Zuhaib Khan, Imran Rauf, Amir Raza, Azhar Hussain Shah,  Ishtiaq Hassan, Imran Amin and Shahid Mansoor [(Crop Protection)]

Book Chapters

  1. Next Generation Sequencing Technologies & Plant Molecular Virology: a Practical Perspective; Amir Raza, Muhammad Shafiq Shahid [Applied Plant Virology: Advances, Detection & Antiviral Strategies, 1st Edition Elsevier, May 14, 2020 (Paper back ISBN: 9780128186541; eBook ISBN: 9780128220535)]
  2.  Molecular tools for engineering resistance in hosts against plant viruses; Sayyad Ali Raza Bukhari, Amir Raza, Muhammad Shafiq Shahid [Applied Plant Virology: Advances, Detection & Antiviral Strategies, 1st Edition Elsevier, May 14, 2020 (Paper back ISBN: 9780128186541; eBook ISBN: 9780128220535)]

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