Office of Human Resource (OHR)

Office of Human Resources (OHR)

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) at UMT has a broad scope of functional responsibilities that range from daily record-keeping activities to sophisticated HR operations. One of the most important functions of the OHR is concerned with staffing and includes job analysis and development of JDs / JSs of employees, conducting tests and interviews, issuing appointment letters, and preparation of salary documents. OHR is also responsible for designing and modification of the compensation and benefits system, administering benefits related to vacations, leaves of absence, administering, designing and communicating insurance, medical and retirement/ separation plans, etc.

This office also caters for training and career development requirements of staff in terms of administering training need analysis, coordinating and contracting training resources, ensuring follow-up of training programs and facilitating employees for registration of trainings. OHR is entrusted with performance Office of Human Resources management activities that include planning and development of the appraisal system, and development of multi-level performance appraisal tools.

OHR also manages employee relations in terms of discipline, grievance investigation and arbitration. Development of departmental vision and mission, identification of goals, targets and strategies (short/long term), alignment of individual/departmental goals with institutional goals, designing department budget, etc. are within the purview of planning and control functions of OHR. Formulation of policies and procedures in terms of developing standards and specification for employee services to assist departments and schools in the interpretation of policies and procedures is an important function of the department. OHR also ensures proper record keeping by maintaining data and records of current and former employees.

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