Message from Director Campus

Assalamu Alaikum

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent; the most Merciful.

I feel honoured to say that UMT is not only competing with major universities of Pakistan, it stands well in competition with many international universities also, especially in the arenas of business and technology management. UMT, today, considers it a really great achievement to have over 100 PhD faculty members on board, serving in Lahore and Sialkot. The Sialkot campus is right on its track to a steady upward progress. It asserts to be the first ever HEC recognized university campus in Sialkot to offer professional education in several fields.

UMT is very much conscious of our cultural and religious norms. It aims at educating and polishing its participants in the best possible way keeping in view not only these cultural and religious principles but also the highly demanding educational requirements of the modern age.

We, here in UMT, also focus on promoting in our students the sense to live in society believing in principles of peace, coexistence and tolerance. Producing useful and constructive citizens for society along with giving prime importance to the individual career development of our students has always been the pivot of UMT’s policies. Student clubs, societies, journals and magazines provide a great forum to students to enrich and sharpen their talent and help them to develop a sense to work in teams and communities collaboratively.

Dear students, here in UMT, you will find a culture of inquiry, a culture of asking questions, a culture that opens minds of its participants and builds confidence in them, a culture that is much different from the schools and colleges you previously attended, and a culture that will make you responsible and practical. We believe in professionalism. You will see the difference. UMT will enable you not only to ask questions but to explore their possible answers as well. UMT’s talented and experienced faculty will be your guides and allies on your journey of inquiry.

My dear students, you are set on a journey that will help to shape thinkers, leaders, managers, engineers and difference-makers that you are destined to become. I would urge you to focus on education, not just on knowledge. The education here in UMT will contribute to enable you to successfully deal with the challenges in your real life. It will help to shape your personality to face the unknown. You will find here plenty of support for preparing for your internships and first jobs. The university’s links with the corporate sector will help you to have a direct exposure of your concerned industry.

I would urge you to work hard day in and day out to enable your country once again to stand proud in the comity of nations. These are trying times for us as a nation. And it is you, guys, who can really help your country once again to feel confident. Hard work and broader and deeper education is the need of the hour. We look forward to you to accept this challenge.

I want you to know that the entire University community is here to support, sustain, and encourage you as you commit to study at UMT. We look forward to the fresh ideas and energy you bring to our campus. Learning, innovating and leading have always been guiding principles for UMT.

UMT Sialkot is very much focused on educating its students keeping in view the needs and requirements of the local industry, in special and the society, in large. It believes in playing a distinctively constructive role in the development of the human resource of Sialkot and the adjacent areas.

Syed Muhammad Belal
UMT Sialkot Campus

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