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MS Management (Finance)) Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad 2015, BBA Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University, Multan 2012

Lecturer, KUBEAC

[email protected]

Mr. Sajid Iqbal is Ph.D Scholar (Major in Finance) in School of Business & Management at Superior University Lahore. He is teaching several courses of Finance in KUBEAC. He is graduated in BBA (HONS) from IMS – Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University, Multan in (2012) and MS Management (Major in Finance) from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad in (2015). He successfully defended his dissertation in MS (MGT) on “Managerial Biases and Working capital Management: A Parametric Analysis of Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan”. He has received Best Research Idea Award in Oct, (2018) at International Research Symposium & Conference held in Lahore, Pakistan. He reviewed several research papers of “Asia – Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – emerald publishers”. His key areas of interests are, Multifactor Pricing Models, Neural Finance, Working Capital Management and Investor Personality.  

Research Publications

  1. Iqbal, S., Iqbal, N., & Muneer, A. (2019). Islamic Calendar Anomalies Reshaping Investor Behavior: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Islamic Thoughts and Civilization, 9(2), 239-259. (HEC Recognized – Y category Journal)
  2. Abbas, Q., Mohsin, M., Iqbal, S., & Iram, R. (2019). Does Ownership and Traders Behavior enhancing Price Fragility in Green Funds Market: Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 39(4), 1245-1256. (HEC Recognized – Y category Journal)
  3. Iqbal, N., & Iqbal, S. (2019). English – Impact of Islamic Religiosity, Islamic Associations, Biased Behaviors and Working Capital Management: Evidence from OIC Countries. The Scholar-Islamic Academic Research Journal5(1), 129-145. (HEC Recognized – Y category Journal)
  4. Iqbal, N. & Iqbal, S. (2018). English – Impact of Islamic Events on Pakistan Stock Exchange (KSE – 100) Returns. The Scholar-Islamic Academic Research Journal. 4 (2), 173-189.(HEC Recognized – Y category Journal)

Conference Participations

  1. Iqbal, S. (2018). Equity Funds Fragility in Pakistan. 9th International Conference for Management Research. Lahore.                              
  2. Iqbal, S. & Iqbal, N. (2018). Financing for Poverty Reduction Determinants in Rural Pakistan. International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences - Tokat – Turkey.

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