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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Road Map

Overview Road Map

1st Year

Semester ISemester II
Business Mathematics Fundamentals of Accounting
Micro Economics Business Law
Computer Applications in Business Life & Learning
English Grammar & Comprehension Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Business Composition & Communication
Pakistan Development & Reconstruction Business Statistics

2nd Year

Semester IIISemester IV
Principles of Marketing Decision Models
Research Paper Writing & Presentation English for Specific Purposes (Business)
Cost Accounting Business Finance
Principles Of Management Organizational Behavior
Islamic Perspective in Business Foreign Language
Management Information Systems Macro Economics

3rd Year

Semester VSemester VI
Production operations Management E-Business
Business Research & Intelligence Entrepreneurship
Financial Management Development Economics
Financial Management Managing Human Capital
Leadership Skills Introduction to Sociology
Marketing Management

4th Year

Semester VIISemester VIII
Elective I Business Strategy
Elective II Statistical Inference
Elective III Research Project / 2 Electives
Elective IV Internship

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