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The MPhil scholars are required to study six elective courses and two compulsory courses, over a period of three semesters.The MPhil scholars are obliged to take a core course each on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology. They can also select two elective courses in all three semesters.The six elective courses and the two compulsory courses on Research Methodology earn the scholars a total number of 24 credit hours; each course earns them 3 credit hours individually. The MPhil scholars then go to write a thesis of minimum 25000 words, on a topic of their own choosing. The thesis is of 6 credit hours and its completion is a prerequisite to the completion of the MPhil degree program.

Core Courses

  • ENG 750 Qualitative Research Methods
  • ENG 751 Quantitative Research Methods
  • Thesis (compulsory)
  • ENG 775 Thesis (minimum 25,000 words)

Elective Courses

  •     ENG 701 General Linguistics
  •     ENG 702 Applied Linguistics
  •     ENG 703 Phonetics and Phonology
  •     ENG 705 Approaches to Language Acquisition
  •     ENG 707 Semantics & Pragmatics
  •     ENG 709 Critical Discourse Analysis
  •     ENG 711 ELT Management
  •     ENG 712 Pakistani Literature in English
  •     ENG 715 Sociolinguistics
  •     ENG 717 Syntactic Theory
  •     ENG 721 Language Pedagogy
  •     ENG 723 Multiculturalism
  •     ENG 727 Technology in Language Teaching
  •     ENG 731 Translation Studies
  •     ENG 733 Screen Literature
  •     ENG 735 Emerging Issues in ELT
  •     ENG 805 Philosophy of Language
  •     ENG 817 Applied Lexicology
  •     ENG 825 Advancement in Second Language Acquisition
  •     ENG 840 Developments in Syntactic Theory

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MPhil Applied Linguistics

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