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BS (Hons.) in English Literature

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Program Introduction

The study scheme proposed herein is for the degree of BS (Hons.) in English Literature. This program is a unique initiative anywhere in the world. With a particular focus on the distinct literary history of Pakistan, the program offers a unique opportunity to immerse in a wide spectrum of regional literature.

Apparently, the program runs its course under two tracks: literature and creative writing. But they are intertwined. The program is designed to show that both are organically linked. Those students pursuing the literature track are shown how creative writing plays a crucial role in the development of literature. Similarly, creative writing students are introduced to the existing literature in order to underscore the significance of literature in creative writing.

Career Choices for Students

BSHEL will fetch jobs to its students in every central and state government office. Also English translators, officers, Asst. managers and managers are required with such qualifications. Post graduates can apply for a post of manager or Asst. manager. Students may also apply for public sector undertaking banks. Any given day students also have an option of opening their own translation firm and get various translation projects advertised through internet.

They could also do some freelance work like editing, translation, proof reading, interpreting, data processing etc. One of the great employment options is journalism or reporting. However, one may also need a journalism degree, but many employers are willing to take English degree as substitute. Students can actually do the reporting and writing for newspapers, magazines, and books, or they can find positions in editing and critiquing. If someone loves to write, he/she could be an author. Above all, through skills in creative writing students have a myriad of opportunities ranging from the wide world of mass communication, print and electronic journalism, corporate publishing, content editing on the web, technical writing, in-house publishing, report generation, professional consultancy and many other many other avenues.

The Practice of early narrow specialization has been avoided and open disciplinary spaces have been created through a variety of subject combinations. The combinations of subjects offered in the beginning of the 4-year (Hons.) Program in English Literature, fulfill the academic and intellectual need of the students with diverse aptitudes and varied plans for the future.

Admission Criteria for BS (Hons.) in English Literature

  • Inter / A Level or equivalent with 45% marks
  • Entry Test


4 years (8 Semesters)


Each course is worth 3 credit hours except for Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies

Degree Requirements

130 credit hours

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BS (Hons.) in English Literature

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