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MBA (Master of Business Administration) is our flagship, unique, exclusive program designed for academically, socially and interpersonally competitive students. The pattern, rigor, processes and benchmarks of this MBA program are developed by keeping in view the global standards and local business requirements.

The courses in this program represent diversity and corporate relevance. Courses are taught through innovative teaching methodologies by one of the finest faculty available in the region. Assessments are done through various methods such as case studies, problem based learning, role plays and labs. Students are motivated to work in groups from day one, and trained to accept the complexities of the real life situations.

Most of our graduates turned out to be successful young entrepreneurs and rest are working in top organizations of the region. Students are motivated to interact with successful entrepreneurs to learn tacit knowledge embedded in practices and gained over time. The quality of the student intake, exclusivity, rigorous learning experience and exposure make this MBA different, unique and the first choice for the students.

Mission Statement

The program aims to focus on standardized and advanced teaching methodology. We enable them to govern the corporate world with excellence imparted through personality & character building, research and contemporary knowledge of global business practices. We transform them into entrepreneurs, business leaders/ professionals who can positively contribute in economic and community development.

Program Objectives of MBA

  • To hone participants’ abilities through effective teaching and well-designed program to equip graduates with essential business management and leadership skills.
  • To develop participants’ expertise and resourcefulness through research based decision-making.
  • To prepare graduates to steer an organization through understanding and application of global businesses practices in line with contextual requirements.
  • To develop useful members of society having strong well-groomed personality/character values that guides to address the socio-economic and environmental issues.
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills with ability to create jobs by starting their own ventures of novel ideas.
  • To enhance the proficiency of the professional skills to deal with the complex business situations.

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MBA Professional

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