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BS Medical Laboratory Sciences

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Medical Laboratory Sciences is the core Department of School of Health Sciences as it plays major role in maintaining the health of community by diagnosing and detecting the health problems. It enables the practitioners in their interventions, disease prevention, Public Health strategies and even in advocacy and policy making by public and private sectors.

We have state of the art facility to provide teaching and practical exposure to our students under one roof by our highly qualified faculty from Pakistan’s & international renowned and prestigious Institutes. MLS program offers a considerable amount of time on practice-based learning opportunities, which help develop Hands-on Practice, Problem Solving, Intellectual evaluation on troubleshooting and employability as a healthcare professional. Our graduates also get opportunities to pursue higher education such as M. Phil and PhD, in various disciplines of Pathology/Medical Laboratory Sciences in Pakistan as well as in abroad like USA, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Canada etc.

Most of the World’s economies face a dilemma when it comes to delivering efficient and effective healthcare services especially in developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal etc. Here in Pakistan, we are facing even more pressing issues, not only due to the nature of health financing, but also due to inadequate supply of qualified human resource. We intend to fill this gap through our services in Health sector and also transferring this vision to our new generation.

We also believe in holistic approach towards health issues and enable our new generation to think and improvise new tools and ways to avoid emergence of diseases and maintaining health with minimum cost.


To be a Leading Biomedical Laboratory Sciences Department aiming for excellence in Advanced Medical Diagnosis, Professional Learning, Research, and Innovation with integrity and equity to ensure health care services.


To impart Quality Education, Ethical Values, Leadership Skills, Diagnostic and Research Abilities, which will enable our graduates to Excel Professionally in the field of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: To provide a highly technical workforce in medical laboratory sciences with efficient learning, problem-solving attitudes, hands-on practice, and an innovative research-based approach.

PEO 2: To ensure accuracy and reliability in diagnostic testing with precision and standardization.

PEO 3: To develop positive graduate attitudes in the area of the medical laboratory profession and commitment to delivering excellent health care services.

PEO 4: The graduates will evolve as leading professionals and they will exhibit career growth and continuous commitment to the enhancement of technical and interpersonal skills to combat internal and external challenges.

Future Prospects

  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Cytotechnologist
  • Forensic Manager
  • Laboratory Administrator
  • Educator in Clinical or Academic Settings
  • Biomedical Specialist
  • Editor/Writer – Medical Publications
  • Research and Development Technologist
  • Associate Scientist in Pharmaceutical, Food, Special education etc.

Key Highlights

  • Work closely with Medical Specialists to prevent, monitor and treat ailments
  • Provide diagnosis by examining blood and other bodily fluids
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist ranked as a top 20 healthcare support job
  • Well-paid and rewarding profession
  • Careers in both Government and Private sectors
  • Pursue higher education in foreign countries like Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Canada, etc.

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BS Medical Laboratory Sciences

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