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BS Mathematics

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Mathematics Department has offered 4-years BS program in Mathematics. Program has been designed according to the scheme of studies approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to assure the quality education to equalize it with national and international standards. Department has offered a variety of courses under the umbrella of Knowledge Unit of Science to have the benefit of a flexible curricular program. The program aims to produce quality students who are able to prepare themselves for advance studies, teaching and research in Mathematics as well as careers in other related disciplines. In this regard Mathematics department will provide them with possible facilities and guidance.

Program Objectives

The objectives of BS in Mathematics program are to prepare graduates with enhanced skills, knowledge and attributes that will be needed for a successful career and professional accomplishments after graduation. The program aims to produce graduates who:

  • Have an appropriate combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to advance professionally in Mathematics and related fields.
  • Are able to use mathematical tools and language to understand the physical world around us.
  • Are able to adapt to and succeed in a dynamic global environment.
  • Are prepared to participate in lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Are prepared for a professional career in education, or in business, industry and research institutions.
  • Are prepared to continue formal education and obtain advanced degrees in Mathematics or related fields.
  • Aspire to evolve as integral part of society through their knowledge and professional skills.

These objectives are consistent with the mission of School of Science and Technology (SST) and hence of University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore.

Why degree in BS Mathematics

Due to its vast applications in all applied and social sciences Mathematics have emerged as one of the most crucial subject of modern age. Today Mathematical languages and tools are being used for problem solving almost everywhere. Real world phenomenon has been modeled mathematically to provide assistance in every walk of life. Keeping in mind the remarkable importance of Mathematics University of Management and Technology (UMT) has started its own B.S. program. To assure quality, we have designed it according to outlines given by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. We aim to produce students having compatibility to the objectives of program to enable them to choose best career which will ultimately help them to become an integral part of university and hence of the society.

Career opportunities

The role of Mathematics is inevitably important in today’s world. Problem solving, thinking logically, and high level quantitative and numerical computational skills are most wanted attributes in most of the organizations. Degree in Mathematics will help students to be highly numerate. They will learn to think clearly and logically, to analyze the situations and to organize accordingly. They will develop very special skills which they can use in devising solutions to complex problems. Having equipped with such skills will enable them to seek for a good career.

Admission Requirements

Inter / A Level or equivalent (Major Mathematics) with minimum 45% marks

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BS Mathematics

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