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Program Chemistry at University of Management and Technology (Sialkot Campus) is currently offering courses at undergraduate levels i.e., BS with special emphasis on the basic knowledge as well as advanced latest chemical knowledge. The overall objectives of the self-assessment procedure were to assess the program overall performance in the fields of course work conducted, research projects, presentations, assignments, and quizzes based, capacity building of the faculty members and the quality of the graduates which will be produced in the future to come.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Chemistry Program is to

“Concoct the knowledge seekers of chemistry for scientific Pakistan to convert into the researchers, entrepreneur, leaders, top ranked managers in the industrial, educational and research sectors and to contribute in the national economic growth by thinking beyond the boundaries and limitations”

Program Mission

“Design sturdy concepts through notional and applied education to produce quality human resources to serve the whole scientific community around the globe.”

Program Objectives and Outcomes

Followings are the main objectives of the program.

  1. The accomplishment of the chemistry knowledge and practical laboratory skills which are required for a professional chemist.
  2. Sympathetic of the core knowledge of the principles of polymer, analytical, inorganic, organic, applied, textile chemistry, physical, peco/femto/nanotechnology, computation chemistry, energy science, forensic chemistry, radiation and radioactive chemistry, food chemistry and green chemistry. Interdisciplinary sciences which has direct role in chemistry like applied biochemistry, industrial biotechnology, plants (botany) application in chemistry, application of mathematics and statistics in chemistry, applications of modern physics techniques in chemistry, applications of chemistry in food and health science, sales and marketing of chemistry related items (dyes, chemicals, pigments, paints, equipment, machinery, characterization instruments, glassware and lab ware, safety related tools and equipment, water treatment chemicals, tourism and marketing industry in chemistry, chemistry software) are also observed with keep interest.
  3. The elaboration of the laboratory skills leading to practical proficiency in chemical synthesis to obtain maximum high-quality yield of the desired synthesized chemicals, characterization & instrumental techniques to achieve the accurate (right first time) quantitative and qualitative measurements, error reduction (if any) and finally handling/ analyzing the data by using different statistical techniques/ models/ software.
  4. The maturity in critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The proficiency to apply such skills to solve any sort of chemistry related glitches. UMT Sialkot chemist will always think that sky is not the limit, it is just the first step to the journey.
  5. Aptitude in technical writing, synopsis, thesis, research paper, review article and in the communication of scientific information. Proficiency in the use of computer technology (MS office, chemical structure drawing software like chem draw, chemical information retrieval, data handling software, graphics, pictures, models, graphical abstracts etc.)
  6. Synthesize the chemicals by keeping three principles in minds; high quality, fast production, and low cost to grab the industries confidence and establishment of industrial academia linkage in true sagacity.
  7. Research to produce chemicals/ products by using indigenous resources/ raw materials.
  8. Extensive research on intricate better performance environment friendly chemicals for industries to reduce the heavy chemicals imports and provide locally manufactured chemicals to fulfil the needs of the industrial sectors in Pakistan.
  9. Save the environment and humanity by producing less/ zero hazardous chemicals for industries to replace toxic chemicals to mitigate environmental concerns.
  10. Establish first commercial chemical laboratory in Sialkot for the industries by providing characterization services, chemicals manufacturing services or any other challenging research work from the industries to support economic growth of Pakistan and to increase the exports.
  11. International and inter disciplinary collaborations with educational, industrial and research institutes to manufacture innovative characterization techniques (other than reported so far internationally), to develop innovative recipes of the industrial processes, manufacturing techniques etc.


  1. Students/ Knowledge seekers shall have enough satisfactory learning of chemistry to compete in any chemistry related aptitude tests/ exams for higher studies i.e., MS and Ph.D.
  2. Students shall have the capability to pertain multidisciplinary knowledge of other sciences as well to solve the industrial research concerns. Students shall have the extensive knowledge in the usage and application of chemistry in our daily life and must have satisfactory tutelage accordingly.
  3. Students shall have an ability to use modern tools, techniques and skills which will be necessary for working in various capacities in teaching, research centers and industrial sectors.
  4. Students shall have the ability to present/ communicate effectively in written, oral and graphical forms including the use of professional quality visual aids. They shall have best communication skill and may become fruitful entrepreneur, managers along with researchers/ laureates etc.

Technically, students will be able to explain how atomic structure can be utilized to explain and predict atomic spectra, orbital, and periodic trends. Students will apply Lewis, Valence bond, Hybridization theories, valence shell electron pair repulsion theories and molecular orbital theories to predict and describe molecular boding with structure, geometry. They will understand the use and importance of periodic table, determine rate of reactions and apply electrochemical principles to develop new batteries, fuel cells and alternate energy solutions. Students will be able to learn and understand the basic concepts of acids & bases, principles, and application of chemical equilibrium systems in quantitative analysis, properties of main group elements in the periodic table, knowledge of radioactive isotopes, radioactivity, and methods of analysis in the field of nuclear chemistry. They will also be able to explain the chemical processes and their applications in daily life and industries. Chemistry program will help the students to understand the structure of the organic compounds with different orientation and geometry concepts, resonance, and properties reactions. Different characterization techniques will help them to explore the structure elucidation of the different compounds. Surface morphology of different compounds will be explained to the students. Industrial aspect of the chemistry, which is the prime focus of this program will guide the students to understand that safety of the human, animal and environment is always have prime importance. Before the installation of any industry, safety precautions should be considered. Different chemical reactions and mechanisms in the industries will be taught to them to get the actual chemical industrial concepts so that the students didn’t feel any difficulty in performance in the industry after getting the UMT Sialkot degree. Students will get the real experience of industry during industrial visits and regular internship-based projects before the completion of their degrees. They will get the real hand on experience of research and they will clearly understand the protocol of any research after literature survey. They will be fluent in writing synopsis, thesis, research article, report writing, review article and they will never get any issue in MS and PhD or working in any research organization. They can join teaching and they will have the ability to understand all teaching tools like the use of white board, software, laptops, mobile for physical and online teaching. They will have enough knowledge of online teaching tools like zoom, Microsoft team, google meeting, Moodle LMS etc.

Degree Titles: BS Chemistry


   4 Years



  Description of Courses

  (Core Courses & Elective Courses):

   Core: 34

  Electives: 08

  Projects: Credit hours


  Total Credit Hours of the Program:







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