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MS in Management is committed to developing globally competitive leaders who are capable of leading their organizations using latest management research and practice in a professional and ethical manner.


Our Master of Science in Management (MS-Management) program is built upon our proven success and internationally acknowledged capability to develop globally competitive corporate and academic leaders. This program sets new standards of research-driven learning, creative and logical thinking, and leadership in professionalizing profit/non-profit organizations in the emerging global knowledge economies.

Accustomed to “Search-Behavior”, our graduates are trained to lead organizations through research-driven solutions, creative thinking and strategic decision making. Our program prepares competitive and ethical leaders who are well aware of the 21st century’s management and leadership challenges and understand the significant role of research and knowledge creation in the well-being of organizations, society, and the world.

Learning Methodology

In the emerging knowledge economies the competitiveness of any organization is based on its ability to explore new knowledge in order to offer innovative and creative products and services. Challenge becomes severe when organizations need to change and adapt to the ever changing external environment. In line with such challenges, our MS Management program emphasizes on developing participants’ ability to create new knowledge for developing competitive strategy and organizational design that will best fit organization with ever changing global environment. Our program’s strong focus on critical and analytical skills along with exposure to qualitative and quantitative methods to explore and utilize new knowledge equips participants to add substantial value to any profession they take up i.e. businessperson, academic or a researcher etc.

Career Prospects

Due to its rigorous world-class research orientation and specialized management focus, our MS Management program has been able to develop skills such as strategic thinking, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, communication, tough conversations, collaboration, and coaching among the participants. Such diversified and universal skills set will open professional avenues to excel as practitioner, academician, researcher, and management consultant. Our graduates work at senior management positions, teach in Higher Education Institutes, and undertake national/international consultancy and research projects.

Admission Requirements
  • Sixteen years of education in relevant discipline from HEC recognized institution.
  • First division or cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 out of 4.0 or equivalent.
  • GAT-General test is compulsory.
  • In the entrance test, 60% marks must be obtained.
  • Successful interview with the selection committee.
  • In case of 16-year non-business education, the admitted candidate will be required to take deficiency courses as determined by the selection committee.

Duration: 2 years
Total Credit Hours: 30

Road Map of Program

Semester I

  • QM610: Statistical Analysis for Management Research (core)
  • QM620: Research Methodology (core)
  • MG637: Human Self and Behavior

Semester II

  • MG671: Strategy and Policy
  • Elective I
  • Elective II

Semester III

  • Elective III
  • Elective IV

Semester IV

  • Thesis


  • MG631: History of Management Thought
  • MG641: Leadership Theory and Practice
  • MG644: Organization Theory
  • HR651: Strategic Human Resource Management
  • HR689: Organizational Development and Change Management

Comprehensive Examination

(Fall 2020 onwards)

Before the commencement of a thesis, every student has to take a comprehensive examination to demonstrate his/her grasp of knowledge that he/she acquired in the area of research. The aim of the examination is to determine the student's ability to draw on the knowledge he/she acquired through an integrated framework. The examination shall be conducted at least two months after completion of the course work, but not later than four months from the date of completion of the course work.

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