Office of Controller of Examinations (OCE)


Incomplete Grade (“I” Grade)

Student, who because of illness or other plausible reason fails to complete the required work, shall apply on the prescribed ‘I’ Grade Form to the concerned Resource Person / Chairperson before the Final Examinations. The concerned Resource Person, after having verified the genuineness of the cause shall award an ‘I’ grade within one week of the application and inform the participant, Office of the concerned Dean and Controller of Examinations. Participants registered in some courses like thesis, projects, etc. spread over more than one semester are also awarded a grade “I” as an interim grade until the completion of the course. It shall be the responsibility of a student getting ‘I’ grade to complete course requirements in the immediately following semester, failing which an ‘F’ grade shall be awarded to the participant. 

Withdrawal Course(s) ('W' grade)

Student may be granted withdrawal from course(s) within the due date as mentioned in the academic calendar. Withdrawal from a course(s) shall not result in academic penalty. However, withdrawal semester will be counted towards the degree completion period.

Repeat Course(s)

This policy is applicable on the students who have earned “F” grade or want to upgrade their grade of any particular course in a bid to improve GPA/CGPA. The new grade earned after repeating a course shall be counted in the calculation of GPA/CGPA. However, repeated new grade shall be displayed on the student’s final transcript. 

Unfair Means (UMC) / Plagiarism

Unfair Means in Examinations

In order to keep a standardized code of conduct in examination, the following are some manifestations of unfair means in an examination.

  1. Objectionable gestures during an examination.
  2. Divulging information to a participant(s) pertaining to the examination paper.
  3. Possessing or concealing notes on clothing, hands, shoes, pockets, wallet or any thing that has been explicitly prohibited in the examinations.
  4. Exchanging of answer book, extra sheet or question paper or any portion thereof.
  5. Communication written / oral or otherwise with other participant(s).
  6. Writing incorrect or someone else's ID/Name on the answer / extra sheet / question papers.
  7. Impeding conduct of examinations through any means.
  8. Influencing, threatening or any other misconduct with Resource Person/Invigilator during the examination may lead to disciplinary action as well.

Using Unfair Means in final term exams may lead to one or more of the following penalties

  1. Grade “F” in the subject; and / or
  2. Fine up to Rs 10,000; and / or
  3. Suspension from the program
  4. Expulsion from the Universit

Penalties for violation of examination rules during sessional evaluation are given below:

  1. Financial Penalty and / or
  2. Zero in the instrument (quiz / assignment); and / or
  3. Deduction of marks from the sessional ranges from 5 to 10; and / or
  4. Warning letter; and / or
  5. “F” grade in the course

The Office of Controller Examinations also deals with Unfair Means Cases reported by the Resource Person or Invigilators during Mid-Term, as well as Final-Term Examinations.

Controller Examinations compiles the cases and records the proceedings of the meeting as member and secretary of the Unfair Means Committee. The Committee supervises and maintains the highest standards of academic honesty, integrity and discipline in the examinations.

Final Term Examination Date Sheet

A Tentative Date Sheet is notified / displayed on the website as well as on the notice boards about two weeks before closing of classes to receive written complaints from the students about having time clash in their exams on or before the due date for incorporation / adjustment in the tentative date sheet in a bid to make it clash free i.e. no concurrent papers at one point of time. 
No rescheduling will be done after the display of the final date sheet for what so ever reason. 

Results Notification

The Controller of Examinations notifies the semester results (through notice boards and website) as per the dates specified in the Academic Calendar. The result includes Participant ID and letter grades achieved in a particular course.

After the end of each semester, the Office of the Controller Examination (OCE) sends semester progress report to the parents / guardians of a participant that reflects important information such as letter grades, SGPA and CGPA etc. if any, to help them monitor the performance of their child / ward. The same information can also be seen from the Online Participant Information System through student login / password.

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