Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Learning Resources

Learning Resource Center acquires high quality instructional and other learning materials to enrich the perspective of its ever-increasing users and to get the measure of growing needs for research and teaching at university. The objective is to facilitate users’ requirements and demands of the curriculum and provide access to the information that can be utilized in all spheres of the academic as well as the professional lives. These resources foster lifelong learning, support innovation and creativity, helping knowledge development, and improving decision making process.

General Collection

In addition to supporting course requirements and research needs, the general collection supplement the wide variety of patrons’ interests. This collection holds approximately 7,500 circulating titles.

Reference Collection

The library maintains comprehensive reference materials. These include both general and specific subject reference materials. Reference collection includes basic research tools such as, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, almanacs and bibliographies on several topics. It also holds directories of associations and demographic data and reports.

Theses and Projects

The library acts as a depository for UMT research and maintains a collection of theses/dissertations/projects produced by students of final years graduating classes and also theses/dissertations published by other institutions of higher learning.

Text Books Collection

These are books that are on high demand and there are limited copies in the library. They are usually reserved and borrowing of these books is limited to some definite period of time. Normally these resources are consulted within the library. It consists of the textbooks, read-outs and photocopies of the articles recommended as course readings.

Urdu Collection

Library maintains separate collection of books published in Urdu. This collection consists of Urdu Literature, Seerat-un-Nabi [PBUH], Islamic philosophy, theology, clash of civilizations, and translations of the Holy Qu’ran.

Audio/Video Collection

The importance of audiovisual materials and technologies as a source of learning and research is a matter of fundamental concern at UMT. The up-gradation, expansion and addition are solely exercised in the very right perspective of users’ needs. The aim is to support the course and research needs of students and provide them access to a large number of updated, current and basic learning materials in various formats. The audio visual collection consists of audio/video cassettes, CDs, and DVDs that contain UMT video recordings, current affair commentaries, interviews and biographies, environmental issues, globalization, culture and religion, gender and identity, psychology, motivational skills, leadership skills, language learning skills, IELTS, TOEFL and other international testing services preparatory materials.

Research Publication

We establish and spell out long-terms strategies to ascertain that a significant data is collected and preserved. We strengthen our repository of resources to provide access to wide-range of research materials. Library cultivates the atmosphere of research and development and explores it to the uttermost by escalating the UMT community’s awareness of research work and their relevance. Research publication collection is made up of research materials heavily used by the patrons for their research. Research reports based on industry analysis, working paper, term papers, and small size publications are placed in this collection.

Periodicals (Current/Archive)

Periodicals are arranged subject-wise in an alphabetical order. Back volumes and issues are available in the archive section. Newspapers are listed in the periodical section. Latest issues of newspapers are displayed on the newspaper stand while back issues are housed in newspaper archive section.

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