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The hallmark of OCM publishing services is uncompromising quality and exceptional service. The Publishing Team shares the story of UMT’s excellence, leadership, diversity and discovery with external and internal audiences. Team members most often work with faculty, staff and students who have news to disseminate, as well as critical content for priority materials such as the UMT prospectus, program brochures, specific purpose publications, advertisements and supplements, and various types of print collateral.

The team's primary focus is:

  • Editorial services, including writing, editing, proofing and content organization for print and web
  • News at UMT, the online repository for University news
  • UMT Moments and Momentum, the newsletter that is also available online


It is best practice to consult with the OCM staff to discuss your project – brochure, poster, web content, or anything else. Someone should be assigned to be the liaison person between your office/department and OCM.

The final copy of contents for design or production should be submitted to us six to eight weeks in advance of the time that you require the final product. Please note that the text that you send to us should be complete (as far as possible). All review and approval processes by persons within your department or elsewhere in campus, must be completed before the text arrives at our end. Only then can we give you a projected production schedule.


It should be kept in mind that processing time at our end depends on a number of factors. The department’s workload and projects already in queue determines production schedules. You should give us 10 working days for editing, and 15 working days for design and layout. This is a tentative schedule and will have to be readjusted in view of projects already in queue.

It is essential that proofreading and approvals be kept within set deadlines to keep everything on schedule. Please note that the schedule will have to be readjusted if more than two rounds of edits are needed.

Input - client end

It is common practice for each University office, department or academic unit to draft and submit its own copy for publications. We suggest that you verify all facts, figures and names before giving us the text. If your copy requires approval by someone else in your department, then make sure that that approval is obtained before the copy is forwarded to us. Making changes repeatedly is not only time consuming and tiresome but delays the project unnecessarily.

Please note that the editorial staff at OCM will review all copy intended for publication to ensure editorial strength and consistency. If our changes are substantial, we will discuss them with you.


For preparing copy

  • Verify all names, dates, statistics and other factual material in your text.
  • Have your draft approved by all individuals who need to do so before submitting the copy to us.
  • Submit copy via e-mail, preferably using Microsoft Word.

For using images

  • Any accompanying visuals such as photographs should be sent separately as JPEG files. Please do not send pictures embedded in MS Word documents or snapshots taken from mobile phones
  • OCM maintains an extensive archive of University photographs that is available for use in publications. Most of the time, the design team comes up with relevant images to go with your document. So do not worry too much about getting the right kind of images though your input is welcome as well.

For repeating publications with minor updates

  • In red ink, mark changes directly on the original printed copy.
  • Any new material that is longer than five sentences should be typed and emailed to us, indicating on the original where these insertions are to go.
  • Give us a hard copy printout of the new material and keep a copy for your records.

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