Office of Communications and Media (OCM)


The Design team blends aesthetics with functionality in order to communicate most effectively while mapping UMT’s brand persona, subconsciously on the minds of the target audience. It maintains a consistent visual identity of UMT in all communication mediums and is the brand custodian of the University. It seeks enhancement of UMT brand image through effective communication. The design team works on various creative and design projects that require them to develop specific themes for specific events such as convocations, conferences or other special occasions.

The team’s graphic designers are valued members who take ideas to the next level and give the finished work the polish. They give visual form and identity to the creative concepts envisaged by the copy writers and sometimes by the internal clients as well. They develop creative design options for print and web collateral, ranging from logos, brochures and backdrops to newsletters, annual reports, calendars and prospectuses. The team also makes use of research in developing effective and relevant communication messages.

Printing and Advertisement

Designing, Advertising and Printing Services Team facilitates all the centers, schools, institutes, academic departments, and support offices at UMT in terms of creative design and top quality printing. The industry savvy team at OCM understands that every client has unique needs specific to the requirements of an educational institution and as such, offers solutions to all printing and advertisement requirements of the University. For years, the team has been producing a wide range of publications and marketing material for promotions and events. The team's primary focus in designing and printing includes:

  • UMT prospectus, brochures, admission kits, introductory flyers, pamphlets, leaflets, UMT newsletter, and related print collateral
  • UMT print advertisements, releasing them to the national dailies and maintaining proper media plan
  • Promotional materials like calendars, posters, flexes, standees, backdrops, etc.
  • UMT stationery and other official requirements such as visiting cards


Once the editorial team has finalized and forwarded the content to the design section, it is time to make decisions about the concept, size of the publication, number of pages, layout, illustrations, photographs and graphics, ink color and binding, paper type, and so on.

While your input is welcome at this stage also and we do our best to incorporate your ideas into the final designed product, just remember that the OCM design team comprises of professionals who have years of industry experience and have brought out several products successfully. So it is a safe bet to rely on our expertise.

Once the product has been designed, it is sent to the client for final approval. Any changes that are required may also be marked on the hard copy.

Final sign off

Before sending a project for printing, the client department’s sign off is needed on the hard copy.
Once the sign-off is made, the project is sent for printing.

Please note that we try to catch and rectify mistakes, it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to ensure that all elements of the publication are to his\her satisfaction.


Your product will be delivered to you as soon as the prints have rolled off the presses and appropriately packaged, as per requirement. You will be asked to formally receive the product. File closed.

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