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OCM Web Team contributes their expertise towards visual design, web design, web information architecture, usability and accessibility standards, and site development. The team is responsible for the official university website and works with various institutes, centers, schools and departments to assist, develop and maintain a consistent web presence in line with University branding and visual identity.

Advertising and Printing Section Team facilitates all the centers, schools, institutes, academic departments, and support offices at UMT in terms of top quality printing. The industry savvy team at OCM understands that every client has unique needs specific to the requirements of an educational institution and as such, offers solutions to all printing and advertisement requirements of the University.

The Designing Team is also maintaining high standard for design and the materials used for each project to make UMT one of the world class universities. It aims to blend aesthetics with functionality in order to communicate most effectively while mapping UMT’s brand persona, subconsciously on the minds of the target audience.

The Publishing Section shares the story of UMT’s excellence, leadership, diversity and discovery with external and internal audiences. Team members most often work with faculty, staff and students who have news to disseminate, as well as critical content for priority materials such as the UMT prospectus, program brochures, specific purpose publications, advertisements and supplements, and various types of print collateral.

The rise of the social media has been described as the key driver to networking, sharing, and building organizational networks. Currently, UMT Social Media Team keeps the UMT community updated about the latest developments and progress made by the University in both academic and extra-curricular fields.

The role of Center for Broadcast Services (CBS) is to build relationships in a changing world by promoting cultural, social and political awareness in youth, using enter-educate strategy through UMT Radio. The primary aim of UMT FM Radio 98.2 is to disseminate healthy information to target audience using enter-educate program format.

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