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Mechanical Engineering is, one of the most fundamental Engineering disciplines. Department of Mechanical Engineering has been contributing its effective role through equipping the students with state of the art technical knowledge about subjects and software, enabling them to pursue the arena of research and development and upbringing the traits of professionalism, commitment and responsibility among the students. Most recently, the department of mechanical engineering brought into being the computer and IT lab in order to aspire its students and faculty to excel in the avenues of simulations, modelling, design and analyses avenues.
This department has acquired efficient, hardworking and qualified faculty. The department also established state of the art laboratories in accordance with international engineering standards. One of the core objectives of department is continuous improvement through continuous development.  Department of Mechanical Engineering is aiming to
magnify career opportunities for students through bonding the linkage between industry and academia.

Mission of Mechanical Engineering Department

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department, in-line with the UMT mission, is to provide education that builds strong foundation of mechanical engineering knowledge and ethical values, expands reasoning, develops ability to solve complex engineering problems, and enhances communication skills for successful career in industry and academia to address the needs of society.

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