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Since emergence, Knowledge unit of business, economics, accountancy and commerce (KUBEAC) is enabling students through advanced and innovative teaching strategies to enrich their knowledge, sharpen their aptitude, advance their talent, and set a high caliber. These are being developed regularly through our classrooms. To achieve the KUBEAC mission, case study center aims support learning resource system (LRS) by enhancing the learning abilities of the students. Case study center of KUBEAC is established in mid-august 2021. The center aims to provide an open and free learning environment to develop the case studies and management simulations, subject-wise. Our component faculty members mentor the students for case studies development and they cheerily welcome the students to participate.  Case study center - KUBEAC, strive to support the students and faculty members to develop the case studies from classrooms and ensure availability to key stakeholders worldwide. All of the materials featured in KUBEAC study center library carry a creative commons license allowing them to be downloaded, copied, and distributed/used free of charge by anyone worldwide, no permission required. While our collection covers a wide array of industries, companies, and organizations, it focuses mainly on areas in which Air University’s innovative research and teaching are renowned. 

The Mission

Our mission is to endeavor for upright progress by developing best graduates that advance the managerial practices by solving the real time issues.

Case Study Categories

  • Studies of Commerce and Accountancy
  • Studies of Managerial Strategies
  • Studies of Marketing Perspectives
  • Studies of Entrepreneurial Mindsets
  • Studies of Resources Mobilizations
  • Studies of Information Systems
  • Studies of Financial solutions and Economic Sustainability

Our Impact

KUBEAC has long been a pioneer among business schools in Sialkot when it comes to action learning—creating real-world applications of classroom knowledge. To extend this legacy, our center is containing the real-time impact business practices of Sialkot community and contributing in knowledge throughout the world.

Our Values

  • We uphold the highest standards of research conduct and scientific method.
  • We enrich our community through the power of mentorship and collaboration, guiding each other to success through shared experiences and expertise.
  • We believe in open, respectful discourse, including a diverse range of perspectives and the boundaries of appropriate communication.
  • We uphold the principles of academic integrity and intellectual property, including attribution of the work of others.

Our Team

 Center In-Charge : Sajid Iqbal ([email protected] )

 Manager: Usman Ehsan ([email protected])

 Secretary: Mahnoor Shahzadi ([email protected])



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