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Department of Physiotherapy

Course TitleCourse Outline
Anatomy I Download
Anatomy II Download
Anatomy III Download
Anatomy IV Download
Behavioral Sciences Download
Biochemistry I Download
Biomechanics I Download
Biomechanics II Download
Biostatistics I Download
Biostatistics I Download
Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Download
Clinical Decision Making & Differential Diagnosis Download
Community Medicine Download
Emergency Procedures & Primary Care in PT Download
Exercise Physiology Download
Gerontology & Geriatric Physical Therapy Download
Health and Wellness Download
Integumentary Physical Therapy Download
Kinesiology I Download
Kinesiology II Download
Manual Therapy Download
Medical Physics Download
Medicine I Download
Musculoskeletal Download
Obstetric & Gynaecological Physical Therapy Download
Pathology and Microbiology I Download
Pathology and Microbiology II Download
Pediatrics PT Download
Pharmacology I Download
Pharmacology II Download
Physical agents and Electrotherapy I Download
Physiology I Download
Physiology II Download
Physiology III Download
Professional Practice (Law, Ethics & Administration) Download
Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Download
Research Project Download
Scientific Inquiry & Research Methodology Download
Sports PT Download
Supervised Clinical Practice I Download
Supervised Clinical Practice III Download
Supervised Clinical Practice V Download
Supervised Clinical Practice VI Download
Surgery I Download
Therapeutic Exercises and Techniques I Download

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