Office of Registrar (ORG)

Code of Conduct

Participant's Rights And Responsibilities

The participant’ first responsibility is to study. To allow individuals to pursue successfully their educational, professional, and personal objectives, the University identifies responsibilities expected of participant as members of their learning community.

The "Participant’ Rights and Responsibilities" has been annexed to clarify behavioral expectations of participant as a condition of membership. The "Participant’ Rights and Responsibilities" promotes a sense of community where maturity, personal accountability, and positive regard for the well-being of others frame choices and decision-making.

The participant’ conduct system promotes and enforces the "Participant’ Rights and Responsibilities" following a philosophy of educational discipline.

Through involvement in the adjudication process, participant have an opportunity to learn new ways of resolving difficulties and relating to others while strengthening their comprehension of rules and regulations necessary to maintain a safe environment conducive to learning and growth. It may be noted that:

  • Each participant is responsible for knowing and adhering to the prescribed community standards. A participant found to have violated the "Participant’ Rights and Responsibilities" will receive a maximum disciplinary sanction of expulsion, or any sanction not less than a warning.
  • Disciplinary action is cumulative resulting in more serious consequences if the participant engages in repeat violations or fails to follow through with sanctions from a previous hearing.
  • Any violation of the "Participant’ Rights and Responsibilities" is aggravated in severity when bias motivation is involved.

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