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Compensation and Benefits

University of Management and Technology considers that a healthy compensation and benefit plan is always a very good source of motivation and attraction for new employees as well as for existing employees. In this regard, office of Human Resources @ UMT, continuously trying to provide market competitive compensation and benefits plans to its faculty and staff members.

The University of Management and Technology (UMT) provides a wide range of benefits to increase the economic security of its employees and to offer a conducive and competitive work environment. An overview of the benefits package follows while details may be obtained from the faculty and staff handbooks as well as the Office of Human Resources.

Earned Leave

After successful completion of probation an employee is eligible for earned leave benefit. Specific information regarding exact period earned is available from Office of Human Resources. However, the following schedule is generally descriptive:

  • 1.166 days vacation for every month of service. The total earned leave accumulated after a year of service would stand at 14 calendar days.
  • This earned leave can be carried over to the next year, subject to an accumulated ceiling of 28 days. Any accumulated earned leave beyond 28 days will be lost.
  • All leaves are calculated on calendar days basis.

Leave Policy for Faculty

Fulltime faculty members are entitled to a maximum of 30 days of leave or less depending on the length of service (i.e., on pro rata basis) in an academic year (Fall, Spring and Summer). The leave balance of one year cannot be carried forward to the next academic year.

All fulltime faculty members must report to work the Monday of the week before classes start each semester. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to inform the CoD of his/her intended leave plan during the academic year. Arrangements for such a leave must be recommended by the CoD, with final approval resting with the concerned Dean. All leaves are calculated on calendar days basis.

Sick Leave and Casual Leave

Sick leave and casual leave is time off with pay for absences due to illness, injury, family emergency, or a personal urgent requirement. One and a half days of sick and/or casual leave is accumulated for each month of service. All sick and casual leaves calendar starts from fall semester for the faculty and from 1 September to 31 August for staff. All leaves are calculated on calandar days basis.

Maternity Leave

Every female employee of the University who has been employed by the university for at least 1 Year is entitled to leave with pay for the birth of a child, care of the newborn and for the employee's own related serious health condition. Employees are normally granted such leave for a maximum period of ninety days.

An employee is required to inform her concerned Dean/Head/Director 30 calendar days in advance of the need to take family and medical leave, or to give as much notice as feasible if the leave is unanticipated.

Leave Without pay

Kindly refer to the Faculty and staff handbooks for details.

Study Leave for Professional Development

Employees who have completed 3 years of continuous service at the University may request for study leave for up to a maximum period of 2 years. Study leave has to be planned and budgeted by the office head. Each office may authorize one study leave after every three years. The process of acceptance of a study leave application would begin with its submission to the immediate concerned officer of the employee. Proof of admission and proof of the duration of the course will be attached.

Each study leave case would be directed to the Rector for approval with budgetary justification and justification on the suitability of the course for the organization’s long term goals and objectives. The employee will be paid 50% of his last drawn basic salary during study leave. The employee's academic progress would be monitored during his study leave. A bond will be executed for a minimum service of one year at the organization after completion of studies.

Contributory Provident Fund

All full time employees of the organization are members of the organization’s Contributory Provident Fund (CPF). The UMT Employees Provident Fund Trust is a recognized Provident Fund. The detailed rules and regulations are available with the OHR.

Advance Salary

An employee may be granted one month's gross salary as an interest free advance. This advance will be recovered in three equal monthly installments starting from the monthly salary payable immediately after the release of this advance.

Wedding Bonus

A permanent employee may be granted one basic salary or Rs. 10,000 whichever is higher, up to maximum of Rs. 50,000 as marriage bonus on account of his/her own 1st marriage, his/her real, children’s/real sister’s 1st marriage. No more than two marriage bonuses can be claimed by an employee during his/her career at UMT. This benefit is not available to widows and divorcees.

Medical Insurance (Takaful)

Employees eligible for health insurance through Takaful will be issued cards from Office of Human Resources (OHR). Payments of their premium are made to the insurance company on their behalf by the University.

Outdoor Medical Coverage

The University offers outdoor medical coverage to all employees’ dependants including parents according to the prevalent policy.

Financial Assistance

All regular full time/part time employees and contractual employees (non cadre) having service of more than one year who are drawing salary up to Rs 20,000/- are eligible for financial assistance from the welfare fund.


Overtime payment is applicable to employees in ranks S-1 and below only. All overtime payments would be sanctioned by the reporting authority of the employee and will be sent to the OHR for verification. OTR makes payment and keeps record of the overtime.Prior approval of all overtime claims is necessary. The computation of overtime is based on basic pay rate per hour.

Hajj Policy

Each year two lucky draws would be held to provide two lucky winners a chance to perform Hajj. The draws would be held in two categories. Only those employees who have not performed Hajj before will be eligible to be part of draws. For details please refer to Faculty and Staff Handbooks.

Employee Old Age Benefit Contribution

The University pays EOBI contribution as per Government of Pakistan policy.

Punjab Social Security Contribution

The University pays PESSI contribution as per Government of Punjab policy.

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