Office of Communications and Media (OCM)

 Operating Procedure (Website)

  • Client will generate a request through email

  • OCM Sialkot will forward the request to the Director Campus for approval

  • Director Campus will approve or deny the request based on eligibility

  • If denied, request will not be entertained and closed

  • If approved, OCM will start further procedures

  • OCM will prioritize the request

  • OCM will segregate the request regarding its content

  • Client will be given a timeline for the completion of process

  • Requested material will be displayed on the website

  • OCM will reply the client with an acknowledgement email

  • Request will be marked entertained after final review by the client


  • No request will be entertained beside email

  • In case to add an event to Event Schedule, request must be generated at least 2 weeks before the proposed date

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