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Biotechnology has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry through the creation of recombinant protein products including bovine and human growth hormones, insulin, interferon’s, and erthythro proteins. In agriculture, biotechnology has produced herbicides and insect-resistant plants and will have a major impact on society by producing high-yielding nutritious crops that can grow in high salinity, drought, and in extreme cold. In the field of medicine, genetically engineered animals, as well as human gene therapies, have immense potential. There are a number of career opportunities with companies and organizations who discover and develop products in the pharmaceutical, therapeutic gadget, medical device, agricultural, healthcare, biofuel and industrial fields. They may go for the business of biotechnology, patent law, and licensing, join a start-up company if they consider a career transition from the lab. Participants can fulfill the academic requirements for pursuing higher education in this field.

Admission Criteria:

Students with any of following degrees are eligible for admission in MS Biotechnology.

  • BS/MSc in any of following subject (or equivalent subject):
    • Biochemistry
    • Biotechnology
    • Molecular Biology
    • MMG (Microbiology and Molecular genetics)
    • Botany/Zoology
    • Genetic engineering
    • Nutrition
    • Agricultural sciences
  • MBBS
  • BDS (Dental Surgery)
  • DPharm (Doctor in Pharmacy)
  • DVM/Veterinary Sciences
  • MLT (Laboratory Technology)

To qualify for a MS degree the student must have at least 30 credits of graduate work. There are three options to achieve this target.

  1. 4 core courses (12 credits), 4 elective courses (12 credits) from Biotechnology that are listed and MS thesis (6 credits) earning for research.
  2. 4 core courses (12 credits) and 6 elective courses (18 credits) from Biotechnology that are listed.
  3. 4 core courses (12 credits), 4 elective courses (12 credits) from Biotechnology that are listed and 2 elective courses (6 credits) from other departments in UMT.

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MS Biotechnology

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