Office of Participants Affairs (OPA)


As the UMT has the vision of Empowering Learners to be Leaders, OPA also stands on the same vision. But particularly the whole OPA Team has the vision to create leaders by defining the roadmap for participants, channelizing their potential, providing opportunities and resources, transforming talent into eminence.


The Office of Participants Affairs fosters a campus community that empowers participants in aligning their unique talent with interest, inspiring them to be active learners, successful graduates and engaged global citizens.


By optimum utilization of resources and energies, Office of Participants Affairs (OPA) is committed to achieve its objectives that are inclined exclusively with the vision and mission of University of Management and Technology
This policy document attempts to directly address the following objectives,

  1. To provide a platform for personal and professional development of participants from various disciplines of study in the areas of Arts and Culture, Media, Entertainment, Dramatics, Social Welfare, Information Technology, Debating and literature, Sports and Adventure
  2. To empower participants by vesting trust in them and providing numerous opportunities for exhibiting their talents through organization of creative and innovative activities/events by  trust
  3. To nurture a variety of capabilities in participants which involve interpersonal skills, leadership and management skills, ethical conduct, creativity, critical decision making, multi-tasking, problem solving skills, sense of accountability
  4. To provide participants the opportunity to represent university at different forums and interact with corporate sector in order to groom their professional conduct and widen the span of public relations
  5. To train participants for professional life, inculcating in them the understanding and responsibility of the operations of an organization in the form of clubs and societies
  6. To coach participants on the principle of “Creating something worthwhile with minimum resources” so as to increase cost effectiveness of activities, encouraging clubs/Societies to generate their own resources and adopt self-reliance policy
  7. To encourage understanding, communication and cooperation between participants of all races and cultures.
  8. To facilitate clubs and societies in conducting activities/events
  9. To empower participants through counseling, personal consultation so they can improve their skills and expertise in their areas of interest

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