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UMT Graduates Represent the Future of Pakistan: Governor Punjab Malik Rafique Rajwana

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Addressing the large gathering at the 13th UMT Convocation, Malik Rafique Rajwana, Honorable Governor of the Punjab, said that that all those graduating today have had the chance to study at one of the best institutions of higher learning in the country but one must think of the people whose children cannot afford to study here. “You owe a lost to society, to Pakistan and to this institution,” he said.


The Governor congratulated all the UMT graduates and their parents on the occasion of 13th Convocation. He said that these students are the future of Pakistan. When student will excel, Pakistan will progress. He added that as a politician, it is not just my job to ensure the quality of education; it is my responsibility to make sure that every individual attains the quality education.


Muhammad Rafique Rajwana paid tribute to the students of Army Public School who lost their precious lives in the barbaric attack. He said that the heroic efforts of the Pakistan Army have resulted in bringing peace to the country.


The Governor advised the graduates to take care of the issues of the common man. He said that it is the prime responsibility of the government to develop the education sector. He said that don’t give weightage to your degree alone; knowledge is more important than a degree. He said that the Federal Government and the Punjab Government are working tirelessly to achieve this goal. The multi-faceted benefits resulting from CPEC will filter down to all segments of society. The graduates of today must mold themselves according to the changing times.

The Governor said that he had serious concerns about the quality of education. In the competitive world of today, maintaining quality is essential. He said that the parents and teachers of graduating students today deserve the real credit.  He concluded his speech with the request to parents that they should not confined their daughters to the houses. Let them utilize their education and knowledge in the real world.

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