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Rejoinder by ILM

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Administration of ILM would like to clarify a news item being circulated in the press about court proceedings. ILM entered into financial transaction and paid its dues regularly till there was overcharge and unfair treatment which resulted into disagreement and contention on the basis of initial contract. The issue is being settled positively. All outstanding dues are being regularly paid on quarterly basis since 2011. ILM has taken conclusive actions to close the matter in all respect.

It is further clarified that UMT has never been subjected to any proceeding in court. It is clear of any default. We strongly object and protest against false propaganda and ill motivated designs to create misperceptions about UMT. The faculty, staff and participants should be rest assured of its continuity and unparalleled progress in future. UMT is committed to high quality education having a glorious history of 14 years of success and fulfillment of the expectations of stakeholders.

We wish those reporting and projecting to have sought the view of ILM keeping in view the good traditions of fair and honest reporting.

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