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Ibrahim Hasan Murad Appointed President, ILM Trust

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A meeting of the Board of Trustees of ILM Trust was held at UMT that unanimously announced the appointment of Ibrahim Hasan Murad as President, ILM Trust. It is worth noting that Ibrahim was appointed a trustee in 2014. He holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Management from the University of Warwick. Prior to his current appointment, Ibrahim served as the executive director of UMT, after having initially served as the director of Academic Quality & Assessment. He serves as the president of Institute of Knowledge & Leadership (IKL) since 2016. IKL provides talent development solutions to large size public and private organisations in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council states.

He is also the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Academia Magazine, the country’s leading source for credible and professional guidance and insights into the education sector. Ibrahim has also founded Sitara-e-Hilal Foundation, which aims at infusing patriotism, spirit of sacrifice and service to the nation among school-going children.

Ibrahim has high-level experience in strategic higher education administration with a special emphasis on institutional and campus development, resource mobilisation, student engagement, success and e-learning.

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