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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Students of KUST Nabeel Sarwar (16009065008), Muhammad Zohaib Shafique (16009065009), Mohsin Sarfraz (16009065022) and Mouzam Ali (16009065024) under the supervision of Engr. Abdul Hannan (LECTURER, KUST) developed a wearable device called smart fitness suite which not only keeps the person's posture upright and appropriate but also acts as a smart trainer.

The project Smart Mini Gardening System has been developed by M. Hammad (16009065005), Aaqib Javaid (16009065006) and H.M Naeem (16009065014. The project automates irrigation and temperature controlling as well as helps the gardeners to identify the disease in the plant. The project was supervised by Miss Saman Tariq (LECTURER, KUST).

The Project Premises Based user Access using IoT cloud in Smart Door Chain Scheme developed by Iqra Siddique Butt (16009065002), Fatima Sheikh (16009065042), Marium Shakeel (16009065056) and Aleena Naz (16009065045) to automate your home doors and secure it from unknown theft. The project was supervised by Engr. Abdul Hannan (LECTURER, KUST)

A Proposed Project EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE USING DEEP LEARNING is being developed Muhammad Farhan Anjum (17010065003), Shabraiz Arshad (17010065013), Abdullah Shakeel (17010065017) and Abdul Sattar (17010065019). The project is being supervised by Ms. Hina Tufail (LECTURER, KUST).

All these Wonderful and Amazing projects have been selected in Ignite.

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