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Always give a challenge to your own talents; Director Campus at 6th Merit Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Dec 29, 2018

In the name of Allah I begin, who is the creator and Master of this Universe, who then created us and then after gave us Books, Pen, Knowledge and Wisdom.     

Let us join to pay salutation to the Last Prophet Muhammad rasool Allah (s.a.w.w) who taught us the Book and explained us the knowledge sent by God. Who preached us kindness, Humanity, Generosity, Magnanimity and Nobility. Urged us to be peaceful, caring, respectful and honest also prepared us for hard work and wanted us to be a great achiever by making the day better than yesterday.

Worthy Rector UMT Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Respected Deans, Directors, Head KU, In charge Program Units, In charge offices, Faculty members, fellow staff and specially Rector and Dean award achievers, the loving students, welcome, I welcome you all in this ceremony.

I am extremely grateful to Worthy Rector for sparing time and taking the hassle of travelling from Lahore in fogy weather to grace this event. My gratitude to all the Guest who have come from UMT Lahore to witness the success and achievements of their students and to encourage them. I would also like say thanks to our honored guest from local industry and official from governmental institutions.

Your Presence, presence of all of you, has made this event more colorful, added delightfulness and has deepen our happiness and created feeling of strong bonding.

I want to pay tribute and gratitude to Founder of UMT, our Leader and visionary Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad. Who made unprecedented efforts and sacrifices to shape future of thousands and thousands of young people of Pakistan. The gap after him is yet to be filled. May Allah SwT bless his soul and grant him a highest place in Jannah. He will always remain in our heart. Ameen

I owe to say thanks to our sincere and dedicated faculty members who have worked with great patience and commitment to groom young talents. And prepared them for future leadership. Built in them an understanding of the technological era and knowledge world. And created a sense of importance of knowledge and education in the highly competitive world.

Dear Achievers, I know today you are very happy and excited. And I am sure so is your parents and friends. I can understand Your feelings are high today. Are you not happy??

At this great moment your happiness I just want say so I am and everybody from UMT is happy. I want to congratulate you for this outstanding achievement.

I wish you Keep achieving success, keep moving and keep on crossing the milestones. Don’t stop and don’t get tiered and always think to go to the next level of success.

Sitaron Se Aagay Jahan Aur Bhi Hain

Always give a challenge to your own talents, expose yourself to new ideas, new things, new technology and tools.

Believe in it and believe me, This will change your life and the life around you and it will bring perfection, wealth, supremacy, power, fame and happiness for you.

You can practice all these because you are not ordinary boys and girls you are “the best of the bests”. You can compete with any student studying and living in Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge or any institution anywhere.

Students like you have great sparks, energy and sense of achievements. But You need to understand that struggling for Degrees and CGPAs may not be enough for life long, persistent and continuous success.

You need to save your spark, energy and sense. The Spark may fade out if you become dull because of some worries, depressed because of some failure, dejected because of mistakes, bitter because of cut throat competition or you may lose your spark because you may become aimless or don’t define purpose of life and fail to define mission of your life. Or you stop dreaming. or continue doing same thing you were doing yesterday. Or you are caught by the complexity of life or get in to the fear of challenges posed by the reality of life. Don’t let your spark die

Shaheen Khabhi Pervaz Se Thak Kar Nahi Girta

How to save the spark? 

  1. Keep on developing and nurturing yourself through gaining knowledge, improving observations, enhancing the power of experience and learning from mistakes and failures. This will keep alive your spark, will keep you energetic and will fuel you to be the achiever. Will keep you young even if you are 50 n above.

Example Jack Mao:

  • 30 times failed interviews
  • In a interview 23 out of 24 were selected, JM rejected
  • He and his cousin went for same post, JM not selected
  • Ultimately became a college teacher
  • Before that always failed in his class
  • Formed the company along with his 18 students 

The second is,

  1. keep improving your behavior, conduct and relationship with others. Be very fair and honest and trust worthy. This will make you respectful.
  2. Don’t give extra ordinary importance to material landmarks. Give a space and position to ethics and religious values in your life. This will give shine to your life.
  3. Care for larger community and get rid of selfishness. This will empower you in society
  4. Develop Habit of giving, feel the pain of poor, poverty and disease. This will bring dignity and authority.
  5. Keep Harmony in your life. Will keep you happy


Bill Gates, Amazon, Google, Mobile co, huge corporate institutions. With these, you will always be the achiever and always be in the next level.

I want you to remain achiever and want to see you always on next level and far ahead from others. Standup and Join me in my journey of dreams for you.

I congratulate all the achievers of Rector and Dean Awards. I am hopeful that every one of you will excel in your future roles and contribute to the future well-being of society, our nation and our beloved country. Thank You.

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