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Knowledge Unit of Science at the University of Management and Technology, Sialkot Campus is comprised of the Department of Mathematics, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics. Our programs offer high level education and research training on basic and applied sciences in cooperation with faculty, aiming to develop students into researchers, engineers, innovators as well as highly specialized professionals with broad vision, excellent research skills, and ability to adapt them to rapidly changing demands. We offer a wide range of pioneering degree programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. A strong emphasis is placed on applying course work to real-life challenges with an eye on the needs of the high-tech world of the 21st century.


Discovery and application of new scientific concepts and technologies
Establish a rigorous science teaching and research program that contributes to
meet national and regional needs for human resources in these fields.
Popularize and establish a strong foundation in science, technology, and mathematics starting early in the life and education of nationals.
Vision: “To Excel in Scientific Education and Research”


“To Provide an Excellent Science and Mathematics Education through Teaching, Scholarship and Service”

The mission is enhanced by:

Providing programs that emphasize excellent teaching by committed, dedicated faculty Having ongoing research or creative scholarship efforts that expose our students to the exciting world of discovery.
Delivering to students the benefits of analytical, communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills that are necessary for long-life learning.
Assuming the role of regional science and mathematics leadership through university service efforts, technical assistance to local schools, organizations and business; the visiting scientists series; continuing education; and many other service related contributions.
Fostering an educational environment and support services where students with a wide range of abilities can receive training and become proficient in science and mathematics.
Providing stimulating academic surroundings for traditional and non-traditional students that extend beyond the campus to encompass the entire region.

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