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Dr Hammad Majeed

PhD Chemistry University of Agriculture, MPhil Chemistry University of Agriculture

Associate Professor

[email protected]


Dr. Hammad Majeed worked on diuretic activity and phytochemical analysis of many indigenous plants and worked on the replacement of medicines with plant sources to avoid the toxicity and side effects of medicines under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmad (Ex Dean Faculty of Sciences, UAF) during his M.Sc. Dr. Hammad Majeed received his M.Phil. and Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Haq Nawaz Bhatti (Chairman Department of Chemistry, Principle UAF Community college, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan). During his M.Phil. and Ph.D., he worked on the synthesis of cost effective, environment friendly process/ products which can replace easily, the hazardous chemicals in textile processing industry. Currently he is working on the research of green chemistry, environmental concerns, ZHDC and other segments. He received certificate of appreciation during his Ph.D. from the vice chancellor University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan on completion of Ph.D. in minimum time (6 semesters). He moved to the industry and served in different segments for more than 20 years in industry/ educational and research institutes. He was involved in the production of textile processing industries. Sales/ Marketing of dyes and chemicals in numerous national and multinational companies related to the mainly textile, sugar, paints, paper, construction and food industries. He had Foreign trainings from different multinational companies and involved in the erection/ commissioning of different industrial plants. He has a long list of other professional and educational certifications. He attended a lot of national and international conferences as Keynote invited national speaker and oral presenter and received many shields of honor and certificates. He has 8 publications right now. He has throughout first division educational career. He was orator, compere, member of dramatic club, involved in Naat, Qirrat and song competitions, Rovers scout, NCC Company commander and completed first aid training course during his student life. He is co supervising Ph.D. and M.Phil. students in public sector universities. He is also industrial consultant of many industries. He is currently working in UMT Sialkot as Program incharge (Head of department) Chemistry and working on many projects like renovation/ upgradation of basic chemistry laboratory, establishment of advanced chemistry laboratory for the synthesis of different chemicals for industrial and educational purpose, establishment of High-tech laboratory for the characterization of different chemicals/ projects of industries etc. He won 2nd runner up prize of DICE-VIC 2019 competition in UMT Lahore and he was the only single participant from the UMT Sialkot. He is also working to launch first international chemical society of Pakistan. Before joining UMT, he served as a visiting faculty in 3 public sector and 1 private sector university in Pakistan (UAF, GCU Lahore, GCU Faisalabad, UOL). He believes on academia industrial linkage and came to the educational sector with an ambition to strengthen this bridge. 8 national and multinational industries have worked with him to sign MoU for research collaboration. This figure will be enhanced in the future to come inn shaa Allah.

Current research working:

5 patents, 12 publications, 4 review articles, 2 book chapter, 1 complete book is under process. 6 industrial projects submitted to national and international funding agencies as Industrial expert/ collaborator with public sector universities.


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